Yuasa NP batteries

Product Brand Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
Yuasa NP 1.2 - 6 YUASA 6V 1,2Ah 97x25x55mm
Yuasa NP 3 - 6 YUASA 6V 3,0Ah 134x34x64mm
Yuasa NP 4 - 6 YUASA 6V 4Ah 70x47x106mm
Yuasa NP 7 - 6 YUASA 6V 7Ah 150x34x98mm
Yuasa NP 10 - 6 YUASA 6V 10Ah 151x50x98mm
Yuasa NP 12 - 6 YUASA 6V 12Ah 151x50x98mm
Yuasa NP 0.8-12 YUASA 12V 0,8Ah 96x25x62mm
Yuasa NP 1.2 - 12 YUASA 12V 1,2Ah 97x48x55mm
Yuasa NP 2 - 12 YUASA 12V 2Ah 150x20x85mm
Yuasa NP 2.3 - 12 YUASA 12V 2,3Ah 178x34x64mm
Yuasa NP 3.2 - 12 YUASA 12V 3,2Ah 134x67x64mm
Yuasa NP 4 - 12 YUASA 12V 4Ah 90x70x106mm
Yuasa NP 7 - 12 YUASA 12V 7Ah 151x65x98mm
Yuasa NP 7 - 12L YUASA 12V 7Ah 151x65x97mm
Yuasa NP 12 - 12 YUASA 12V 12Ah 151x98x98mm
Yuasa NP 17 -12I YUASA 12V 17Ah 181x76x167mm
Yuasa NP 24 -12I YUASA 12V 24Ah 166x175x125mm
Yuasa NP 38 -12I YUASA 12V 38Ah 197x165x170mm
Yuasa NP 65 -12I YUASA 12V 65Ah 350x166x174mm

Yuasa NP battery products

Looking for a Yuasa NP battery? Battery warehouse PSE provides all Yuasa NP batteries directly from stock. These sealed lead-acid batteries are VdS-certified and specially suited for security and alarm systems. When you choose for a Yuasa battery, you have a reliable battery solution. 

Yuasa NP battery features

  • Valve Regulated Maintenance Free 
  • High current drain grid being resistant to corrosion by virtue of a lead-calcium alloy 
  • Absorbing Glassmatt Technology (AGM batteries
  • Classified as non-spillable and Non Dangerous goods by IATA