pbq Long Life batteries

Product Brand Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
pbq L 12-12 pbq 12V 12Ah 151x98x95/101mm
pbq L 17-12 pbq 12V 17Ah 181x77x167mm
pbq L 28-12 pbq 12V 28Ah 165x175x125mm
pbq L 33-12 pbq 12V 33Ah 195x130x155/168mm
pbq L 40-12 pbq 12V 40Ah 197.5x165.5x170mm
pbq L 55-12 pbq 12V 55Ah 229x138x213mm
pbq L 65-12 pbq 12V 65Ah 350x167x179mm
pbq L 80-12 pbq 12V 80Ah 350x167x179mm
pbq L 100-12 pbq 12V 100Ah 330x171x215/220mm
pbq L 120-12 pbq 12V 120Ah 410x176x227mm
pbq L 150-12 pbq 12V 150Ah 482x170x242mm
pbq L 200-12 pbq 12V 200Ah 522x238x218/223mm
pbq L 230-12 pbq 12V 230Ah 520x269x203/208mm

Long Life battery

pbq Long Life batteries are ideal for UPS / Emergency Power applications. This group of batteries are used in applications where longest life and highest safety standards are required. A Long Life battery has a design life of more than 12 years according to Eurobat guidelines.