pbq General Purpose (VdS) batteries

ProductBrandVoltageCapacitySize (lxwxh)
pbq 3.5-4pbq4V3,5Ah91x35x61/64mm
pbq 1.2-6pbq6V1,2Ah97x24x52/58mm
pbq 3.2-6pbq6V3,2Ah134x34x61/67mm
pbq 3.5-6pbq6V3,5Ah194x25x50/56mm
pbq 4.5-6pbq6V4,5Ah47x70x101/107mm
pbq 7-6pbq6V7Ah151x34x94/100mm
pbq 12-6pbq6V12Ah151x50x94/100mm
pbq 0.8-12pbq12V0,8Ah96x25x62mm
pbq 1.2-12 VdSpbq12V1,2Ah97x43x52/58mm
pbq 1.3-12pbq12V1,3Ah97x48x52/58mm
pbq 2.3-12 VdSpbq12V2,3Ah178x35x61/67mm
pbq 2.6-12pbq12V2,6Ah178x35x61/67mm
pbq 2.9-12pbq12V2,9Ah79x56x99/102mm
pbq 3.2-12 VdSpbq12V3,2Ah134x67x61/67mm
pbq 3.4-12pbq12V3,4Ah134x67x61/67mm
pbq 4-12pbq12V4Ah195x47x70/74mm
pbq 5.2-12pbq12V5,2Ah90x70x102/106mm
pbq 7-12 L VdSpbq12V7Ah151x65x94/100mm
pbq 7-12 VdSpbq12V7Ah151x65x94/100mm
pbq 12-12 VdSpbq12V12Ah151x98x95/101mm
pbq 18-12 VdSpbq12V18Ah181x76x166mm
pbq 26-12 VdSpbq12V26Ah166x175x125mm
pbq 28-12 T2pbq12V28Ah165x125x175mm
pbq 40-12 VdSpbq12V40Ah197x165x171mm
pbq 65-12 VdSpbq12V65Ah350x167x179/186mm

General purpose battery products

Looking for the best general purpose battery? PSE delivers general purpose batteries to use for a large variety of battery applications. AGM batteries are available in all conventional capacities from 0.5Ah up to 65Ah. A lot of general purpose batteries are VdS certified for security applications. For each individual battery application, a general purpose battery is designed to function optimally. The batteries are completely sealed and maintenance free. Using the latest production techniques coupled with extensive quality control high reliability, excellent quality and durability. General purpose batteries have no risk of leakage and the battery can be discharged in any position.