pbq Front Access batteries

Product Brand Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
pbq FA 50-12 pbq 12V 50Ah 277x106x222mm
pbq FA 100-12 pbq 12V 100Ah 508x110x238mm
pbq FA 105-12 pbq 12V 105Ah 395x110x286mm
pbq FA 125-12 pbq 12V 125Ah 436x108x317mm
pbq FA 140-12 pbq 12V 140Ah 550x111x297mm
pbq FA 180-12 pbq 12V 180Ah 546x125x317/327mm

Front access battery

PSE offers a complete range of pbq front access batteries for 19inch and 23inch cabinets in Telecom battery systems. pbq’s front access battery technology provides a direct welded connection to the terminals for improved performance, reliability, and less maintenance costs. This front terminal connection provides the most suitable testing location for technicians to measure the batteries at a safe modus.

Benefits of pbq front access batteries

  • 12-year design life
  • AGM battery technology
  • Front access terminal design
  • Strong corrosion resistant grid design
  • Can be installed in any position