pbq Cyclic batteries

Product Brand Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
pbq C 7-12 pbq 12V 7Ah 151x65x94/100mm
pbq C 12-12 pbq 12V 12Ah 151x98x94/100mm
pbq C 26-12 pbq 12V 26Ah 175x166x125mm
pbq C 33-12 pbq 12V 33Ah 195x129x178mm
pbq C 38-12 pbq 12V 38Ah 198x166x171mm
pbq C 80-12AJ pbq 12V 80Ah 353x175x190mm

pbq cyclic battery products

pbq cyclic batteries are the most reliable valve regulated lead-acid batteries for cyclic applications. The low maintenance and valve regulated constructions combine with heavy-duty plates and unique separator systems to make pbq cyclic batteries service twice as long as conventional battery counterparts.

Cyclic battery applications

  • Mobility scooters, steps and wheelchairs
  • Solar and windenergy systems
  • Industrial applications
  • Golf trolleys
  • Sprayers
  • Electric transport
  • Cleaning machines