6V AGM batteries

Product Brand Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
pbq 1.2-6 pbq 6V 1,2Ah 97x24x52/58mm
Cellpower CP 1.2-6 Cellpower 6V 1,2Ah 97x24x58mm
Yuasa NP 1.2 - 6 YUASA 6V 1,2Ah 97x25x55mm
Yuasa NP 3 - 6 YUASA 6V 3,0Ah 134x34x64mm
pbq 3.2-6 pbq 6V 3,2Ah 134x34x61/67mm
Cellpower CP 3.2 - 6 Cellpower 6V 3,2Ah 134x34x66mm
pbq 3.5-6 pbq 6V 3,5Ah 194x25x50/56mm
Cellpower CP 3.5 - 6 Cellpower 6V 3,5Ah 194x25x56mm
Cellpower CP 4 - 6 Cellpower 6V 4Ah 70x47x107mm
Yuasa NP 4 - 6 YUASA 6V 4Ah 70x47x106mm
pbq 4.5-6 pbq 6V 4,5Ah 47x70x101/107mm
pbq 7-6 pbq 6V 7Ah 151x34x94/100mm
Cellpower CP 7 - 6 Cellpower 6V 7Ah 151x34x100mm
Yuasa NP 7 - 6 YUASA 6V 7Ah 150x34x98mm
Yuasa NP 10 - 6 YUASA 6V 10Ah 151x50x98mm
pbq 12-6 pbq 6V 12Ah 151x50x94/100mm
Cellpower CP 12 - 6 Cellpower 6V 12Ah 151x50x100mm
Yuasa NP 12 - 6 YUASA 6V 12Ah 151x50x98mm
Optima RedTop RTS 2,1 Optima 6V 50Ah 255x90x206mm
Yuasa SWL 1850-6 YUASA 6V 132Ah 350x166x174mm (lxwxh)
Yuasa SWL 2500-6 YUASA 6V 180Ah 297x168x232mm (lxwxh)
Optima YellowTop YTS 2,1 Optima 6V 55Ah 254x90x203mm
Cellpower CPT 200 - 6 Cellpower 6V 200Ah 260x180x274mm
Cellpower CPC 225 - 6 Cellpower 6V 225Ah 243x188x275mm
Cellpower CPT 288 - 6 Cellpower 6V 288Ah 295x180x366mm

6V AGM battery products

Power Storage Europe offers a selection of 6V AGM batteries for all your needs. The maintenance free design of our 6V AGM batteries allows safe operation in any position. Our 6V AGM batteries are guaranteed for a long service and shelf life and built to rugged specifications. PSE’s 6V AGM battery range is from recommended brands as Cellpower, pbq, Yuasa and Optima.

Finding the right 6V AGM battery

We suggest always double checking the dimensions with your original battery for a correct replacement. We advise to compare the dimensions against your original 6V AGM battery, the length, width, and height of all our 6 Volt AGM batteries. If you need assistance locating the 6V AGM battery for your application, please contact us and we will select the right battery for your application.

6V AGM battery benefits by PSE

  • More compact and powerful than traditional lead-acid batteries
  • Better current uptake comparing to gel batteries
  • Maintenance-free, no acid refilling
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Flame-resistant and leak-proof plastic 
  • Very low self-discharge