2V batteries

Product Brand Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
LPX 200 - 2 Leoch 2V 200Ah 170x110x350mm
LPX 300 - 2 Leoch 2V 300Ah 170x150x350mm
LPX 400 - 2 Leoch 2V 400Ah 210x175x350mm
LPX 600 - 2 Leoch 2V 600Ah 300x175x350mm
pbq SC 100-2 pbq 2V 100Ah 171x72x206/211mm
pbq SC 1000-2 pbq 2V 1000Ah 475x175x330/340mm
pbq SC 1500-2 pbq 2V 1500Ah 400x350x345/382mm
pbq SC 200-2 pbq 2V 200Ah 173x111x341/364mm
pbq SC 2000-2 pbq 2V 2000Ah 490x350x345/382mm
pbq SC 300-2 pbq 2V 300Ah 171x151x342/364mm
pbq SC 3000-2 pbq 2V 3000Ah 710x350x345/382mm
pbq SC 400-2 pbq 2V 400Ah 211x176x329/341mm
pbq SC 500-2 pbq 2V 500Ah 241x173x330/365mm
pbq SC 600-2 pbq 2V 600Ah 302x175x331/343mm
pbq SC 800-2 pbq 2V 800Ah 410x175x330/342mm

2V Single Cell battery products

Power Storage Europe has a huge range of 2 volt deep cycle batteries from trusted brand names. Selected for their robustness, long life and performance, you can rely on these batteries to store and deliver power consistently in harsh conditions. Designed in confirmity with international quality standards these 2V Single Cells find wide applications in alternative energy field across industrial and residential sector.