Product Input Output Current Size (lxwxh)
Adelsystem CBI123A 115-230VAC 12VDC 3A 65x115x135mm (lxwxh)
Adelsystem CBI126A 115-230-277VAC 12VDC 6A 65x115x135mm (lxwxh)
Adelsystem CBI1210A 115-230VAC 12VDC 10A 65x115x135mm (lxwxh)
Adelsystem CBI1235A 115-230VAC 12VDC 35A 150x115x135mm (lxwxh)
Adelsystem CBI243A 115-230VAC 24VDC 3A 65x115x135mm (lxwxh)
Adelsystem CBI245A 115-230VAC 24VDC 5A 65x115x135mm (lxwxh)
Adelsystem CBI2410A/S 115-230VAC 24VDC 10A 100x115x135mm (lxwxh)
Adelsystem CBI2420A 115-230VAC 24VDC 20A 150x115x135mm (lxwxh)
Adelsystem CBI485A 115-230VAC 48VDC 5A 100x115x135mm (lxwxh)
Adelsystem CBI4810A 115-230VAC 48VDC 10A 150x115x135mm (lxwxh)

Innovative DC-UPS products

This is a revolutionary line, designed to provide uninterruptible power whatever condition the system is in, by means of sophisticated and completely automatic management of any type of industrial battery. Easy to install, these are compact devices which perform three key functions: power supply, Back Up Module and Battery Charger. The UPS range is no more than an extension of the CBI range, designed to enhance some of its particular features, such as the RS 232 connection output, dual output voltage independent.

DC-UPS key features of Adelsystem

  • More effciency of the battery thanks to continuous control over time. 
  • More monitoring in main connection modes: input, output load, battery.
  • Event logging: number of battery charging cycles, charge cycles completed, aborted charge cycles, Ah charged, charging time, total number of transitions stand-by /back-up etc...
  • Event Management: checking the load output, shutdown management of PCs (UPS function), RESET management of a generic equipment.
  • Flexibility of use: customization of the entire charging curve of the battery, battery type setting, setting of the various time-out algorithms of charge, setting boost voltage, absorption, float, etc... configuration as DC-UPS or batteries charger, enabling power supply function.