Battery Monitors

Battery Monitors

Product Voltage Current Size (lxwxh)
Cellpower Battery Alert 12/24VDC 1A max. 45x20mm (øxh)
Cellpower Battery Watch 01 7 - 32V   65x65x25mm
Cellpower Battery Watch 03 6 - 31V   60x20mm (dia x h)
Cellpower Battery Monitoring Module PM 04 in: 20-60V   100x90x35mm
Victron Battery Alarm 60V max. 1A max.  
tbs e-xpert lite 9-35VDC 500A Shunt 64x79mm (dia x h)
tbs e-xpert pro 9-35VDC 500A Shunt 64x79mm (dia x h)
tbs e-xpert pro hv 14V-70VDC 500A Shunt 64x79mm (dia x h)
Victron Battery Monitor 9 - 90VDC 500A Shunt 65x65x30mm

Battery monitor products

Looking for a battery monitor? PSE’s battery monitors selectively displays battery voltage, charge- and discharge current, consumed amphours, remaining battery capacity and time remaining. Using a large clear backlit LC Display and an intuitive user interface, all parameters can be recalled with just a button press.

Battery monitoring applications

  • Recreational vehicles
  • Solar and wind energy systems
  • Industrial systems
  • Forklifts
  • Service vehicles
  • Maritime applications