Electrochem batteries

Electrochem batteries

Product Brand Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
Electrochem CSC 93 AA Electrochem 3.9V    
Electrochem CSC 93 C Electrochem 3.9V    
Electrochem CSC 93 D Electrochem 3.9V    
Electrochem CSC 93 DD Electrochem 3.9V    
PSE battery H804070 PSE battery 3.7V    

Electrochem batteries solutions

Founded in 1979, Electrochem batteries was born from the lithium battery invented for the implantable pacemaker by their founder, Wilson Greatbatch. Originating from this technology and heritage for superior quality and reliability, Electrochem batteries now offers customized battery power and enabling their customers for mission success.

Electrochem batteries technology

Electrochem enables battery solutions for your missions with customized primary non-rechargeable and secondary rechargeable battery power in a variety of chemistries and technologies for extreme, remote and demanding environments. Our lithium batteries feature the highest energy density in the industry – up to 915-watt hours per liter, or nearly three times the energy density of alkaline cells–as well as exceptional operating temperature ranges. Likewise, our protective circuitry, glass-to-metal hermetic seals, fuses and diodes are capable of withstanding high and low temperatures, sterilization, and vibration to ensure safe, strong, and reliable power even when subjected to harsh environmental conditions.

Typical applications of Electrochem batteries

Utilized in highly demanding applications, Electrochem’s high, moderate and low rate non-rechargeable cell solutions are in a class all their own. Our lithium-powered cells perform in demanding conditions when downtime could mean the loss of profitability and life-saving minutes. For decades, the world's top research institutions, industry leading companies, and government agencies have chosen Electrochem for the best in non-rechargeable and rechargeable power assurance. Electrochem is standard in critical missions, oil and gas services, military communications, medical devices, oceanographic monitoring and more, ensuring power in places where others fall short.

Electrochem high quality battery

Electrochem batteries is synonymous with reliability and safety. They understand their customers' need for security in their partners. Their emphasis on superior supply chain management includes dedication to quality through ISO processes and procedures and strength as a part of the Greatbatch family. Electrochem's approach is designing solutions for long term top mission performance.