Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries

Lithium battery products

Power Storage Europe supplies various types of lithium batteries, battery packs and primary lithium cells. We deliver different kinds of lithium batteries, what depends on the type of application, for example, lithium ion, lithium polymer and LiFePO4 (iron-phosphate). These differ in weight, life span, housing and explosion hazard. Most of the time PSE supplies LiFePO4 batteries in standard housings or custom made solutions in a battery pack for deep cycle applications.

LiFePO4 battery technology

LiFePO4, lithium iron phosphate as cathode, a kind of advancing technology to change the world! The safety characteristics inherent to LiFePo4 technology result from the incorporation of phosphates as the cathode material. Phosphates are extremely stable in overcharge or short circuit conditions and have the ability to withstand high temperatures without decomposing. When abuse does occur, phosphates are not prone to thermal runaway and will not burn. As a result, LiFePo4 technology possesses safety characteristics that are fundamentally superior to those of Lithium-ion batteries made with other cathode materials.  

LiFePO4 custom made battery packs

PSE designs and develops custom made Lithium LiFePO4 battery packs for all kind of applications.