Battery Packs

Battery Packs

Battery packs emergency lighting

Battery packs can be delivered by Power Storage Europe for several applications. A battery pack is a set of any number of (preferably) identical batteries or individual battery cells. They may be configured in a series, parallel or a mixture of both to deliver the desired voltage, capacity, or power density. Especially for emergency lighting PSE offers all battery packs from stock. Battery packs for emergency lighting can be delivered in custom made in several configurations, voltage and capacity.

Battery packs for emergency light fixtures

Battery packs for emergency light fixtures needed to be replaced every 4 years. PSE helps you to choose the right battery pack for you emergency light fixture. We deliver battery packs made of high temperature battery cells, which make them ideal for use in emergency light fixtures.

Emergency lighting batteries

Stock up on emergency lighting batteries at PSE so you can have spares available when needed. Replace spent power sources for your Exit signs and emergency lighting units with the required nickel cadmium battery packs and lead-acid batteries found here. You can depend on PSE to provide high-quality batteries for your emergency lighting systems. 

Battery packs for electric vehicle

For electric vehicles PSE designs custom made battery packs. These battery packs are most of the time made of Lithium. When you choose for a custom made lithium battery pack by PSE, you get a reliable battery pack with a large range of cycles. For cyclic applications, where the battery is frequently discharged, we offer tailored LiFePO4 lithium battery solutions. By a custom made lithium battery pack you also need a battery management system, PSE designs a suitable BMS by every battery pack.

Enersys cyclon monoblocks

Battery packs from Enersys made of external cases and constructed from UL 94V flame-rated materials. Battery packs of the Cyclon monobloc series are shock and vibration resistant, designed to offer higher tolerance levels to meet demanding applications. The company’s focus on battery-case integrity and high vent pressure, coupled with pure lead-tin’s low grid-corrosion rate, means Cyclon monoblocs provide the longest service life possible.