High Rate AGM Batteries

High Rate AGM Batteries

Product Brand Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
Cellpower CPH 5 - 12 Cellpower 12V 5Ah 90x70x107mm
Cellpower CPW 30 - 12 Cellpower 12V 5Ah 90x70x106mm
Cellpower CPH 6 - 12 Cellpower 12V 6Ah 151x51x99mm
pbq HR 6.5-12 pbq 12V 6,5Ah 151x52x94/99mm
Cellpower CPW 35 - 12 Cellpower 12V 7Ah 151x65x98mm
Cellpower CPW 35 - 12 L Cellpower 12V 7Ah 151x65x98mm
Cellpower CPW 50 - 12 Cellpower 12V 8,5Ah 151x65x100mm
pbq HR 9-12 pbq 12V 9Ah 151x65x94/100mm
pbq HR 15-12 pbq 12V 15Ah 151x98x94/98mm
Cellpower CPW 80 - 12 Cellpower 12V 13Ah 151x98x98mm
Cellpower CPW 110 - 12 Cellpower 12V 21Ah 181x76x166mm
pbq HR 22-12 pbq 12V 22Ah 181x77x167mm
Cellpower CPW 140 - 12 Cellpower 12V 28Ah 165x125x175mm
pbq HR 33-12 pbq 12V 33Ah 175x166x123/125mm
Cellpower CPW 160 - 12 Cellpower 12V 33Ah 195x129x168mm
pbq HR 40-12 pbq 12V 40Ah 195x129x155/179mm
Cellpower CPW 200 - 12 Cellpower 12V 40Ah 197x165x171mm
pbq HR 50-12 pbq 12V 50Ah 197x165x171mm
Cellpower CPW 270 - 12 Cellpower 12V 55Ah 228x139x200mm
Cellpower CPW 390 - 12 Cellpower 12V 80Ah 261x173x200mm
Cellpower CPW 450 - 12 Cellpower 12V 90Ah 306x173x215mm
Cellpower CPW 530 - 12 Cellpower 12V 110Ah 330x173x212mm
Cellpower CPW 650 - 12 Cellpower 12V 135Ah 344x173x277mm
Cellpower CPW 750 - 12 Cellpower 12V 155Ah 344x173x277mm

High Rate battery products

Power Storage Europe supplies a large range of High Rate AGM batteries. The range of special High Rate batteries offer excellent characteristics for applications that require very high discharge rates. Designed for a functional life of 4-5 years at 25oC in backup applications, these AGM batteries are ideal for space limited applications requiring more power than can be delivered by a standard battery. For example, the 9Ah version has dimensions equal to those of a standard 7Ah but contains nearly 30% more energy.

High Rate battery applications

Power Storage Europe offers High Rate batteries to provide constant power backup that UPS systems require. The high energy density and quality designs assure that your business systems run uninterrupted. Typical High Rate battery applications:

  • UPS systems and data center
  • (Emergency) lights, pumps and valves
  • Tools