Front Access AGM Batteries

Front Access AGM Batteries

Product Brand Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
pbq FA 50-12 pbq 12V 50Ah 277x106x222mm
Cellpower CPF 50 - 12 Cellpower 12V 50Ah 277x106x222mm
pbq FA 100-12 pbq 12V 100Ah 508x110x238mm
Cellpower CPF 100 - 12 Cellpower 12V 100Ah 508x110x239mm
pbq FA 105-12 pbq 12V 105Ah 395x110x286mm
Cellpower CPF 105 - 12 Cellpower 12V 105Ah 394x110x285mm
pbq FA 125-12 pbq 12V 125Ah 436x108x317mm
pbq FA 140-12 pbq 12V 140Ah 550x111x297mm
Cellpower CPF 140 - 12 Cellpower 12V 140Ah 552x110x295mm
pbq FA 180-12 pbq 12V 180Ah 546x125x317/327mm

Front Access battery products

Power Storage Europe offers specifically Front Access batteries designed for use in 19"or 23" cabinets. We supply Cellpower CPF and pbq Front Access batteries, which are a reliable battery solutions for Telecom battery systems and larger UPS systems. Due to the compact design, the batteries fit side-to-side on a shelf in a 19"or 23" cabinets. The polarity of the Front Access AGM batteries is mounted at the front, which makes it easy to measure the batteries for maintenance. Front Access batteries are designed for a service life of 10-12 years.

Front Access battery applications

PSE provides AGM batteries to meet or exceeds criteria for all Telecom battery standards. An suitable product for wireless and broadband applications with the widest variety of footprints and amp hour choices in the battery industry. We offer reliable, long lasting Front Access battery solutions for every Telecommunications application from small cabinets to large capacity data centers.