Deep Cycle AGM Batteries

Deep Cycle AGM Batteries

Product Brand Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
Cellpower CPC 9 - 12 Cellpower 12V 9Ah 151x65x100mm
pbq C 7-12 pbq 12V 7Ah 151x65x94/100mm
pbq C 12-12 pbq 12V 12Ah 151x98x94/100mm
pbq C 26-12 pbq 12V 26Ah 175x166x125mm
pbq C 33-12 pbq 12V 33Ah 195x129x178mm
pbq C 38-12 pbq 12V 38Ah 198x166x171mm
pbq C 80-12AJ pbq 12V 80Ah 353x175x190mm
Cellpower CPC 12 - 12 Cellpower 12V 12Ah 151x98x101mm
Cellpower CPC 18 - 12 Cellpower 12V 18Ah 182x77x168mm
Cellpower CPX 20 - 12 Cellpower 12V 20Ah 181x76x166mm
Cellpower CPC 24 - 12 Cellpower 12V 24Ah 167x175x125mm
Cellpower CPX 26 - 12 Cellpower 12V 26Ah 175x166x125mm
Cellpower CPC 33 - 12 Cellpower 12V 33Ah 195x130x166mm
Cellpower CPX 33 - 12 Cellpower 12V 33Ah 195x129x166mm
Cellpower CPC 38 - 12 Cellpower 12V 38Ah 197x165x170mm
Cellpower CPC 50 - 12 Cellpower 12V 50Ah 197x165x170mm
Cellpower CPC 38 - 12 S Cellpower 12V 38Ah 197x131x168mm (lxwxh)
Optima YellowTop YTS 2,7 Optima 12V 38Ah 237x129x227mm
Optima YellowTop YTR 3,7 Optima 12V 48Ah 237x197x171mm
Cellpower CPX 40 - 12 Cellpower 12V 40Ah 197x165x171mm
Cellpower CPX 50 - 12 Cellpower 12V 50Ah 197x165x171mm
Cellpower CPC 55 - 12 Cellpower 12V 55Ah 228x137x210mm
Cellpower CPC 62 - 12 Cellpower 12V 62Ah 228x137x210mm
Optima YellowTop YTS 4,2 Optima 12V 55Ah 254x175x173mm
Cellpower CPC 60 - 12 Cellpower 12V 60Ah 278x175x190mm
Optima YellowTop YTU 4,2 Optima 12V 55Ah 254x175x173mm
Cellpower CPX 63 - 12 Cellpower 12V 63Ah 275x171x188mm
Cellpower CPC 75 - 12 LW Cellpower 12V 75Ah 260x170x202-205mm
Optima YellowTop YTS 5,5 Optima 12V 75Ah 325x165x218mm
Cellpower CPC 80 - 12 AJ Cellpower 12V 80Ah 353x175x190mm (lxwxh)
Cellpower CPX 80 - 12 Cellpower 12V 80Ah 260x168x215mm
Cellpower CPC 90 - 12 Cellpower 12V 90Ah 306x168x210mm
Cellpower CPC 110 - 12 Cellpower 12V 110Ah 330x173x220mm
Cellpower CPX 115 - 12 Cellpower 12V 115Ah 330x172x220mm
Cellpower CPC 120 - 12 Cellpower 12V 120Ah 410x177x225mm
Cellpower CPC 135 - 12 Cellpower 12V 135Ah 344x171x274mm
Cellpower CPC 150 - 12 Cellpower 12V 150Ah 485x170x242mm
Cellpower CPC 160 - 12 Cellpower 12V 160Ah 530x209x214mm
Cellpower CPC 200 - 12 Cellpower 12V 200Ah 522x240x218mm
Cellpower CPC 250 - 12 Cellpower 12V 250Ah 522x268x226mm
Optima YellowTop YTS 2,1 Optima 6V 55Ah 254x90x203mm
Cellpower CPC 225 - 6 Cellpower 6V 225Ah 243x188x275mm

Deep cycle battery products

Deep Cycle AGM batteries are available from stock by Power Storage Europe. Deep cycle batteries are long-lasting batteries for demanding applications requiring the ability to withstand abusive storage and operating conditions. PSE delivers a large range of deep cycle batteries for cyclic use. These AGM batteries are designed and manufactured for a maximum lifespan. PSE delivers deep cycle AGM batteries for much more intensive discharge and recharge, so they are optimally suitable for cyclic applications.

Deep cycle battery applications

Deep cycle battery applications include: mobility, mobile power, semi-traction, marine, Solar, RV / campers and caravans where long duration, frequent power outages are experienced. PSE offers a large range of deep cycle batteries up to 12V 250Ah cyclic batteries. Deep cycle batteries are often used in off-grid solar and wind power applications. Unlike a car battery, they are designed to be discharged to a greater depth and more often. The most common type of battery for deep cycle applications are AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), Gel and Flooded.

Looking for the best Deep cycle battery?

Power Storage Europe offers you several deep cycle battery series of different brands. We deliver pbq cyclic batteries, pbq Gel batteries, Yuasa NPC batteries, Cellpower CPC batteries, Cellpower CPX batteries, Cellpower CPT batteries, Optima battery and many more. So which brand do I need to choose? For every application PSE advice you to offer you the best deep cycle battery for your application.

Deep cycle batteries by Cellpower CPX

Deep cycle batteries of the Cellpower CPX range are the best 12V AGM batteries for cyclic applications such as; Electric scooters, wheelchairs and golf carts. When compared to other cyclic batteries with the same casing, CPX batteries can attain a duty cycle increase of up to 20% to 30%. CPX batteries gives you a larger range than a standard lead-acid battery!

Deep cycle batteries by Optima Yellow Top

Specially for heavy duty semi-traction applications PSE offers the Optima Yellowtop battery series. These Deep cycle batteries are spill proof and mountable in any position. Optima Yellowtop batteries recharge faster than a standard lead-acid battery and has a long service life. Deep cycle batteries of the Yellowtop series are specially made of a AGM Spiral cell technology, made by Optima.

Contact us and we help you choosing the ideal deep cycle battery for your application!