AGM Batteries

AGM Batteries

AGM battery products

AGM batteries from Yuasa, Cellpower, C&D, Optima and pbq. At battery warehouse Power Storage Europe AGM batteries are available within 24 hours! In collaboration with a network of distribution partners from around the world, PSE is a trusted knowledge partner of battery solutions for OEM customers and users with different purposes. The PSE distribution partners are all selected for their expertise in the field of battery knowledge and energy solutions. For each AGM battery, PSE offers the right AGM battery charger.

AGM battery technology - Absorbed Glass Mat technology

AGM batteries are different from standard lead-acid batteries. An AGM battery consists of glass fiber mats impregnated with sulfuric acid. A traditional wet lead-acid battery has a construction of plates with sulfuric acid to flow between the plates. The plates in an AGM battery can have any shape; some are flat, others are bent or rolled. AGM batteries have a very high energy density at a wide temperature range. In contrast to a wet lead-acid battery AGM batteries can be mounted in any position.

AGM batteries for various kind of use

AGM batteries are divided into various uses; Standby, Cyclic, High Rate and Long Life. Standby batteries or stationary batteries are often installed in security and UPS / emergency power. Deep Cycle AGM batteries are special AGM batteries for intensive discharging and recharging of the battery. Examples of cyclic battery applications are golf carts, electric scooters, boats and Solar systems. High Rate AGM batteries can quickly deliver high power, these AGM batteries are found in UPS / emergency power, start boosters and telecommunication. Long Life AGM batteries are specially designed for a long service life of 10-12 years and guarantee reliable emergency power.

The advantages of AGM batteries

  • More compact and powerful than traditional lead-acid batteries
  • Better current uptake comparing to gel batteries
  • Maintenance-free, no acid refilling
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Flame-resistant and leak-proof plastic 
  • Very low self-discharge

12 volt 7 amp battery

The most common AGM battery is the 12 volt 7 amp battery. PSE delivers Cellpower, Yuasa and pbq 12 volt 7 amp batteries directly from stock. These AGM batteries can be installed in any postion and are used in alarm systems, UPS, back-up power and toys.