Preserving our environment

Over the years, the forces of technology and progress have provided us with better, healthier, happier lives. Without proper controls, however, these advancements can jeopardize the health of our environment. Power Storage Europe realizes the importance of preserving our planet and our environment for future generations – the Earth is the only home we have and it deserves our respect and care.

In order to prevent undue strain on the environment, PSE has developed its products and services with sustainability in mind. As a company, we strive to deliver the best possible battery products while doing everything within our power to minimize our environmental footprint.

Our responsibility and commitment

All too often, corporate social responsibility is seen as an afterthought – a value that can be ignored when it is convenient to do so. Power Storage Europe does not share this view. We realize that the only way to make a difference is to set the right example. That’s why we take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously.

While PSE is committed to delivering quality battery solutions and services, we are also committed to the preservation of our planet. We monitor our manufacturers and suppliers closely to ensure that we do not contribute to environmental concerns, and we consider battery recycling to be a fundamental stage in the lifecycle of our products.

PSE supplies sustainable, recyclable batteries

Because of our emphasis on sustainable battery technology, PSE batteries have been engineered to meet strict environmental guidelines. Our battery products are designed to offer superior operational life spans, leading to fewer replacements and less waste. Innovative production processes contribute to our environmental vision by minimizing the amount of resources that are required to produce a single battery.

Battery recycling

Finally, at least 98% of the components in every PSE battery can be recycled. This allows vital resources to be reintegrated into the production of new batteries, while simultaneously protecting the environment against pollution and potential hazards.

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